Pleasant Valley Quilting

Klia Cawston That Old Time Feeling
At Pleasant Valley Quilting

In a town possessing 200 years of agriculture and pioneering history, with many families whose grandparents grew up in the Valley in those traditional ways, there comes a quilting store with a hand in each century. When Klia Cawston opened her doors at Pleasant Valley Quilting, she only knew that she brought a passion for fabric, a love of people, a fondness for the traditional, and a delight in the challenges of new direction to her new shop.

Klia is concerned that "Home Ec" is no longer mandatory in BC Curriculum, that some students receive no sewing experience. With the increase in working mothers, less garment sewing is happening in the home, as well. She has noticed numerous cases where grandmothers are teaching granddaughters, and sees the resurgence in quilting popularity as a need to keep some of those traditional values and skills. While we have an endless variety of fabrics and certainly more leisure time than our ancestors, the satisfaction of creating a completed quilt for our home remains the same. "We have the awesome collection of flannels that our ancestors never had," says Klia, "that give us warmth and beauty to today's quilts".

Events Group At our teas and events, laughter echoes the same comeradery shared when women a century ago stitched together at a "quilting bee." What is it that brought all those women just to touch the fabric, ooh over trunk samples, and fantasize over the patterns?

Though the ambience is cozy, the service is computerized. If you've bought "not quite enough" of a fabric and phone, in a panic, Klia and her staff can look up exactly which fabric you bought, and determine immediately whether it is still in stock or available for reorder. Any quilter who has gone through the long distance process of explaining "Well it was on a shelf near the back and it's green with little sticks and beige blobs..." can appreciate the value of this kind of service. They can tell you at a glance, whether there's enough remaining on the bolt of "perfect soft blue" to back your queen size quilt without the great thunking unrolling process to measure.

Throughout the year we also offer many quilting classes which vary from the beginner level "Lets Get Started", a variety of appliqué classes, colour theory, and traditional as well as memory quilts. The large well lit classroom in the back section of the store is lined with samples and frequently filled with women deep in that intense concentration familiar to every quilter. For those quilters that have a larger stash than they want to admit there's a highly successful "Scrap Club" that meets monthly.

Klia's passion is obvious; customers feel it when they come in and wander comfortably through the store, sometimes just touching the fabric, sometimes making piles on the cutting table. Klia and staff (her stalwart employees) kibitz back and forth and include the customers in their joking.

Down at Pleasant Valley Quilting much looks like the times of your grandmother or your great-grandmother, and the customer service is old fashioned, too, but great-gramma couldn't check out the possibilities on the computer.